Lab Alumni – past grad students and postdocs

Heather Cumming (M.Sc. 2014)

Anna Solecki (M.Sc. 2014, co-supervised with C. Buddle)

Dr. Laura Timms (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010-2013)

Christine Barrie (M.Sc. 2013)

Meagan Blair (M.Sc. 2013)

Katie Sim (M.Sc. 2013, co-supervised with C. Buddle)

Chris Borkent (Ph.D. 2012)

Alyssa MacLeod (M.Sc. 2012)

Gregor Gilbert (M.Sc. 2011)

Pamela Horsley (M.Sc. 2009, co-supervised with R.S. Anderson)

Valérie Lévesque Beaudin (M.Sc. 2009)

Julia Mlynarek (M.Sc. 2009)

Amy Moores (M.Sc. 2008)

Amélie Grégoire Taillefer (M.Sc. 2007)

Elisabeth Reichert (M.Sc. 2007, co-supervised with R.S. Anderson)

Marjolaine Giroux (Ph.D. 2007)

Duncan Selby (M.Sc. 2005)

Rebecca Zeran (M.Sc. 2004, co-supervised with R.S. Anderson)

Scott Brooks (Ph.D. 2004)

Jade Savage (Ph.D. 2003)

Eleanor Fast (M.Sc. 2003)

Vanessa Crecco (M.Sc. 2001)

Cyrena Riley (M.Sc. 2000)

Frederic Beaulieu (M.Sc. 2000)

Stéphanie Boucher (M.Sc. 1998)

Patrice Bouchard (M.Sc. 1997)

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