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New flies in new places

When taxonomy makes the news, it’s usually because somebody’s just described a new species. But there’s more to taxonomic research than just discovering and describing new species. A new paper from our lab that’s been published on-line in early view … Continue reading

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A fruit fly is not a mammal, and other revelations from the museum

There’s been a lot of discussion in the past day about a new paper published in Science. The paper is an opinion piece about an argument that’s played out many times in the past, namely: should scientists kill specimens to … Continue reading

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The agony of writing

The previous couple of posts talked about the entertaining (collecting), finicky (pinning, labelling, data entry) and exciting (identification, analysis) steps in getting specimens from the prairies to the PDF. The final step can be, for some people, the most distasteful, … Continue reading

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The numbers of academia. The intangibles of nature.

My time and my mind have been occupied with many duties and responsibilities lately. It’s the curse of the overextended professor. I have, however, spent the past couple of days driving around the snowdrifted prairies of southern Manitoba thinking mostly … Continue reading

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Thinking about history

It’s the end of another year – a time for looking back as well as looking forward. It’s been a year of change in the Lyman Museum and a good year. The insect collection continues to grow so fast that … Continue reading

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Lyman Entomological Museum

This blog will provide information on research and teaching activities at the Lyman Entomological Museum. New projects, new people, new publications, notes from the field . . .

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