New paper, new species

The second issue of a three-part series of The Canadian Entomologist celebrating the editors of the Manual of Nearctic Diptera has just been published. Our Curator, Stéphanie Boucher, has a paper in the issue in which she revises the Nearctic species of the leaf-miner fly subgenus Cerodontha (Icteromyza), including the descriptions of three new species (see Boucher 2012 in Publications). The giant genus Cerodontha has been one of the foci of Stéphanie’s research in agromyzid fly taxonomy for several years and she continues to document and describe the diversity of this group.


mug shots of agromyzid flies (from Boucher 2012)

Stéphanie’s paper isn’t the only source of Lyman pride connected with this issue of Can. Ent. – two other papers in the same issue are by lab alumni Scott Brooks and Jade Savage, my first two PhD students. Jade’s paper is co-authored with Anaïs Renaud, one of her first graduate students (I suppose that makes me an academic grandfather).

The Canadian Entomologist has a long history of publishing first-rate work in Diptera taxonomy and ecology, but this series of three issues devoted exclusively to flies is a landmark. There’s still much to do, but for now, dipterology is alive and well in Canada.


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