Conference Season

Conferences are a great opportunity to present research before the papers appear in print and to showcase the work we do in the lab. Of course, they’re also a great way to see what other labs and researchers are doing. This year’s conference season will be a busy one for us.

Terry Wheeler and Anna Solecki attended the Ecological Society of America meeting in Austin, Texas in August (Texas in August makes one really appreciate air conditioning). Anna presented a poster co-authored with Lymanites Meagan Blair, Amélie Grégoire Taillefer, Sabrina Rochefort and Terry Wheeler on seasonal patterns in arctic Diptera (part of the Northern Biodiversity Program). Terry gave a talk on natural history museums as sources of long term ecological data, as part of a symposium on the role of natural history in ecology.

Terry Wheeler, Laura Timms, Meagan Blair and Katie Sim will be attending the Entomological Society of Canada Annual Meeting in Halifax in November, where we’ll all be presenting results of our research on arctic arthropods.

A few days after the Halifax meeting ends, Terry, Laura, Alyssa MacLeod and Anna Solecki will be jetting off to Reno, Nevada for the Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting.


About terry wheeler

professor, museum director, entomologist, ecologist, naturalist
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