Two new papers in community ecology

Two papers from the Lyman group on community ecology of Diptera  have recently been published. These papers are another step in our understanding of insect biodiversity in two of Quebec’s most vulnerable habitats – peatlands and temperate deciduous forests.

Lyman alumnus Jade Savage (Bishop’s University), Terry Wheeler, ex-MSc student Amy Moores and Amélie Grégoire Taillefer have just published a paper in Wetlands on the effect of land use, patch size and vegetation on peatland fly communities in Quebec and Vermont (see Savage et al., 2011 under Publications).

Valérie Lévesque-Beaudin’s MSc thesis paper has also been published on line (Early View) in Insect Conservation and Diversity. We compared nested patterns of diversity (tree, stand and site-level) in higher Diptera across three of the Monteregian hills (Mont Saint-Bruno, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rougement) (see Lévesque-Beaudin & Wheeler, 2011 under Publications).


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