Looking Ahead – Summer 2011

With 14 people in the museum this summer, and samples flooding in from the Canadian arctic, the Rocky Mountains, the rainforests of Ecuador and the green spaces around Montreal it will be another busy year in the Lyman. Recent construction in the museum has wrapped up and we are slowly getting the research and display areas back to normal operation. The spring tour season in our public education program will be picking up steam soon, so the construction and renovation finished up just in time.

Planning is underway for the 2011 summer field season. We will be covering a lot of ground, as usual. Although the collection continues to grow by leaps and bounds, especially in the Diptera, new things are always turning up in samples. This year’s focus on the north promises to turn up many surprises. Northern Diptera, other than biting flies and a few select other groups, are very poorly studied. For the first time in many years, we also have a focus on Hymenoptera, with Laura Timms and Nicolas Chatel-Launay working on ichneumonid wasps, so that part of collection will also be seeing considerable expansion.

Some major donations this month have enhanced our Coleoptera collection yet again, and there will be some major effort involved in curating the beetle collection.


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One Response to Looking Ahead – Summer 2011

  1. alida says:

    rainforest of Ecuador???? what about Manaus???? free lodging for Lymanites!

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